Location : Algarve, Portugal

Client : DDC

Operator : Marriott

Scope : Interior Design

Budget : NC

Description : Upper upscale hotel and residences

Atelier Pod was invited by Marriott to participate to an international completion for the design of a Resort in Algarve, Portugal.

The Verdelago Resort is, at the moment, a great opportunity to development of a high-quality tourism will certainly respond to the wishes of existing Clients, but that be able to anticipate and be prepared to the future Clients in a global climate that emits tourism markets increasingly demanding.

In this sense it is fundamental that the Verdelago Resort has a contemporary, with a respect for the values of the place where it is inserted, presenting high standards of sustainability, such as low energy consumption, low impact construction, high recycling and a perfect integration with the surrounding nature.

It will be relevant to its location in front of the sea and fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean.