Client: Xavier Guerrand Hermes/ Actif Invest

Location: Marrakesh, Morocco

Descritpion: 192 rooms

Xavier Guerrand Hermes and the investment fund Actif Invest invited PoD to sign the accommodation of their Marrakech property operated by the Radisson hotel chain. For the design studio the challenge was to create a contemporary and innovative aesthetic recalling the essence of Marrakech. The hotel is part of a mixed-use project including apartments and a shopping center called Carre Eden. Already in the medina of the red city, several Boutique-hotels were able to gracefully relook at the rich Moroccan heritage. The topic, here, concerns the heart of Marrakech, and more precisely the western part of the city called Gueliz. For this reason, PoD took a more tailored approach, with the challenge of extending the urban dynamic of the city while providing a relaxing and atypical atmosphere. The harmonious blend between ethnic patterns and classical Arab Islamic geometric shapes is also a major aspect of the design. Geometrics are distorted and grossly enlarged, creating full and empty spaces as in the closet, contrasting with primitive ethnic patterns on the wallpaper.